Brydes do Brasil


A note on strandings of Bryde’s whales (Balaenoptera edeni) in the southwestern Atlantic

 Artigo Científico

This study analysed 74 records of Bryde’s whale strandings in jurisdictional Brazilian waters in order to further understanding of strandings in the region. Collation of records published in the media (newspapers, magazines, TV, online sources) and in peer-reviewed articles revealed 74 documented strandings between 1972 and 2015 along the coasts of Rio Grande do Sul, and Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Maranhão states.  Statistically significant differences were found between the frequencies of strandings in relation to Brazilian regions (χ2 = 103.17), with the highest abundance found in the Southeast region (71.62%). Statistically significant differences were also observed between stranding frequency and sexual maturity (χ2 = 12.31), with a higher abundance for sexually mature females (54.25%). No statistically significant difference between the stranding frequency in relation to seasonality (χ2 = 2.8) was observed. No statistically significant difference between stranding frequency for males and females was found (χ2 = 3.12). A simple linear regression showed an increasing trend of Bryde’s whale strandings from the 1980s onwards, possibly due to population growth, increased monitoring throughout the Brazilian coast, and/or an increase in anthropogenic threats. 

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